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Organic Gift Bundle (10+5 Grams) -Yaqoot Premium All Natural Saffron-5 grams saffron threads + 10 grams Bunch saffron

Organic Gift Bundle (10+5 Grams) -Yaqoot Premium All Natural Saffron-5 grams saffron threads + 10 grams Bunch saffron

Our premium Saffron is: Fresh, Organic, Hand-Picked, and free from any artificial colors, preservatives or additives.

Pure Quality Persian Saffron Threads, that are perfect Spice for all your Culinary Use, such as Tea, Milk, Paella, Cakes, Biriyanis, Saffron Rice, Pasta, Tagines, Kebabs, and many delicious foods.

What Makes Bunch Saffron Better than other Saffron options? 

Bunch saffron has the entire saffron root so it's the best option to take advantage of the saffron benefits. 

Our Saffron is 
  • highly regarded in the food industry for its warm and generous flavors. It also has a variety of beneficial effects in the cosmetic and health industries.

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What are the Benefits of Buying Saffron from Yaqoot Silk Road?

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Yaqoot Saffron is lab tested for its Safranal (Aroma), Pricrocin (Flavor), and Crocin (Color) to ensure quality before being packaged.

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Health Benefits

Saffron has been used as an herbal medicine for centuries due to the many plant compounds and minerals found within it.

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Bring unmatched flavor and fragrance to your dishes with Yaqoot’s Persian Saffron. We recommend pairing our saffron with herbs like cilantro, basil, and rosemary!

Need a Premium Quality Saffron? Call us for details.

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Customer Reviews

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Abigail Thomas

I love the bold flavor of yaqoot saffron....


Yaqoot Saffron is worth the price


I've been using saffron for many years, and yaqoot saffron is by far the best quality I've ever come across. The flavor is potent and authentic, and the aroma is tantalizing.


I have been purchasing saffron from Yaqoot for over a year now and I can confidently say that the quality and authenticity of their product is exceptional. The saffron is incredibly fragrant and flavorful, making it a staple in my kitchen. I appreciate the care and attention to detail that goes into sourcing and packaging the saffron. I highly recommend Yaqoot Saffron to any saffron connoisseur.


Game changer in cooking. Love the taste!!

Popular Saffron Recipes

Whether you are passionate about cooking or want to try new recipes, the Yaqoot organic saffron is a must for exploring.

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