"Flavor is Life"

Growing up in the Middle East, Mehdi Yavari, founder of Silk Road Group and Yaqoot , was taught how to use saffron as a child. His grandmother would often add the full-bodied spice to her dishes noting “flavor is life” every time she would add saffron to a meal. Now based in the US, Mehdi is passionate about sharing his favorite childhood spice with the rest of the world.

Welcome to Yaqoot Saffron. We’re glad you’re here

Yaqoot Saffron is an online marketplace for fresh, organic, premium saffron. Saffron is a rich red spice used in cooking, cosmetics, and herbal medicines. This sweet, floral spice is known for its healing and restorative properties for the body, skin, mind, and well-being. Our saffron is farmed and produced in Afghanistan, the world leader in terms of quality and taste. Each thread is hand-picked with precision and care.

Yaqoot saffron donates a portion of each sale to the farmers families

With hope that one day,no child be forced to work