The best ways to maintain the properties and aroma of saffron

The best ways to maintain the properties and aroma of saffron

Saffron keeping is very important because reducing saffron essence and aroma means reducing the properties of saffron. This means that the more your saffron loses its aroma and color, it has the lower value and efficiency. Therefore, pay attention to maintaining it, and in this section, we will explain the principles of keeping saffron to you.

What is the storage process of saffron?

First, dry and grind the saffron. Grinding saffron is easy, you can grind saffron with any tool you have at home. Of course, it is better to do this with a wooden tool, and after grinding, crush it into small pieces. If the saffron you bought is moist, you should dry it with an oven or flame before grinding, but it is better to do this with an oven, and you need 5 to 8 minutes to dry the saffron you have.
But note that you should not heat it for a long time because it will burn saffron and eliminate its properties.

Now brew saffron
There are several ways to brew Pure saffron. The method that has the highest quality is to brew saffron with ice, in which you not only get more color than saffron but also have more time to freeze it.Of course, the same traditional method can be used by pouring some boiling water on saffron and placing the gain solution on indirect heat (such as on top of a samovar with a low flame).
And let the saffron to transfer its color to the water very well and some of water evaporates, which makes it easier to store because the water has decreased and the saffron has brewed. After it has cooled down a bit, you can freeze it.



Store saffron in the refrigerator

If you want to keep saffron in the refrigerator, we recommend the following notes:
First, you have to brew saffron and freeze it.
To freeze saffron, it is better to keep it in small ice packs that you can easily use whenever you need it.
Also try to put saffron in packages that are glass and close the lid well.
Point: Saffron should not be stored in the refrigerator for more than 2 weeks, otherwise the saffron will lose its color and its quality will decrease.

How to store dried saffron

Many people buy saffron before it dries, and they pack the saffron without drying it and freeze or store it in the refrigerator, which is very wrong. But the correct method is that if the saffron is not dried, you should dry and grind it, and then brew and freeze this golden spice.
Suitable conditions for storing saffron

Saffron should be stored in an dry and dark environment in which has a cool and humid climate and never expose it to direct sunlight because it reduces the color and the quality of saffron. also It loses its permanent and unique aroma.
The desirable temperature for storing saffron is about 20 degrees Celsius and the humidity should be less than about 40%.Storing saffron in outer space is not only harmful to saffron due to climate pollution, but also reduces the pleasant aroma of saffron.
Try to keep the place you choose to store saffron free of any insects and rodents. If you want to , increase the quality of aroma and flavor of your saffron, you should completely powder saffron, when consuming it .Also, try to close the lid of the can in which you poured the saffron well, otherwise the aroma of the saffron and its properties will decrease.

storage Maximum time of saffron
The valuable saffron plant can be stored for several years, but since the aroma and properties of saffron decrease over time, it is recommended , consume your saffron for a maximum of 2 years, and Do not save it more than that.

Transportation of saffron

An important point in saffron transportation is that we should try not to crush this valuable plant when transporting, because it loses its economic value. To transport saffron, try to put it in a wooden or metal box.
Final and important points for saffron storage

Sift the saffron:

Before brewing saffron, pulverize and sift it, this will preserve its color.
Keep saffron in metal or glass containers:
Keep your saffron in metal containers and if this is not possible, then keep it in glass containers, because with this trick you can prevent the saffron properties from being wasted. Therefore, do not put saffron in plastic containers in any way, because the properties of saffron will reduce

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