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We purchase our saffron directly from farmers in Afghanistan. Afghan saffron is recognized as the best in the world in quality. The first time we visited saffron farms in Afghanistan, we noticed a lot of children waiting in the fields while their families worked. Parents of young, school-aged children bring their kids to the saffron fields at 4 am when the work day begins and only take them home when their shift is done.

After learning more about the lives of the farmers, we discovered they brought their kids to work because there was absolutely no other option. It’s unsafe to leave children at home, and in rural Afghanistan, there’s a severe lack of schools and childcare organizations. For these families, education isn’t a given or even a right. It’s a privilege that many will never experience.


We source our saffron from a handful of farms that grow, harvest, and process saffron the old-fashioned way. With every purchase, we give back part of the proceeds to those who work tirelessly in the saffron fields.


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Lab Tested by a third party

every new shipment will go through lab tests to ensure us of the quality.

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Saffron can be used for beauty and medical purposes too!

Committed to Making a Change

Afghan saffron farmers simply don’t have the financial means to provide education for their children. Instead, money earned often goes to food, medical care, shelter, and other necessities needed to survive in these rural, underdeveloped areas.


At Yaqoot Saffron, we donate portion from every sale to the families where our saffron is grown and harvested. Donations are provided so parents can send their children to a safe, secure school where they will receive a proper education. We aim to get as many children as possible out of the saffron fields and into a classroom.


We have already helped several young children attend school. Our passion and commitment to our cause are ever-growing, and we look forward to what the future brings for these young families.

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Mehdi Yavari Founder + CEO

Mehdi Yavari Founder + CEO

Thank you for supporting our Business! Hopefully with your help we can continue to provide the Best quality of saffron that you deserve and help more children to live better!