How to Use Saffron in Recipes!

How to Use Saffron in Recipes!

Saffron is one of the most expensive herbs on this planet. As a rule, the best saffron is the deepest in color. Quality strands are deep red with light orange tips. Ideally, strands of superior quality are fine in texture and even. There is a thin yellow tendril-like protrusion on one end and a flute-shaped extension on the other. The minimal the yellow stem-like growth, the better the quality of saffron is likely to be. 

Once you have procured the best quality spice from a saffron wholesaler, here are some saffron-based recipes to try.

Saffron-Based Recipes That You Must Try

Saffron Risotto: Saffron threads add that delicious aroma and bright golden tinge to your favorite cheese-laden risotto. All you need to do is infuse a few threads of saffron in some water and add it along with some white wine while cooking the rice. Once the rice has been cooked in this aromatic liquid concoction it would appear bright and yellow, exuding a delectable aroma. The rest of the procedure remains quite the same, where the risotto is then baked to perfection with cheese and a choice of toppings. 

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Saffron Tea infused with Ginger Honey and Cinnamon: Saffron tea is considered to be a delicacy with medicinal benefits. It is especially preferred as a warm and comforting drink for the winter and monsoon seasons. Water is steeped with ginger, cooled, and brewed with saffron threads and honey for making this wonderful concoction. A pinch of cinnamon powder adds to the sweetness and the magic! Saffron tea is bright yellow or a palatable golden color. 

Saffron Sponge Cake: This sponge cake would be a star attraction of any range of Saffron bakery products. The cake is baked just like any other sponge cake. The saffron strands are added along with a half tablespoon of sugar. One tablespoon of hot water is then added to this mix. This allows the saffron strands to steep. The mixture is then added to the batter alongside other ingredients. 

Persian Saffron Rice: Adding a few strands of saffron to the traditional Persian rice, lends it an amazing flavor. This time, the saffron is not added while parboiling the rice initially. It is infused with water for a few minutes and is then added to the rice along with eggs and yogurt, before baking. The saffron adds a unique color and flavor to the rice, elevating the taste to a whole new level. The rice can be consumed along with any spicy gravy for the best experience.

Swedish Saffron Buns: Also known as Lussebullar, these Swedish Saffron Buns are baked in kitchens all across the world to commemorate St. Lucia’s Day which is also known as the festival of lights. Saffron threads along with some granules of sugar are ground together and added to the dough along with yeast. These light and flavorful braided buns are ideal snacking items suited to all age groups. 

Saffron recipes aren't limited to just these few. The spice is extensively used in several delicacies of Indian origin that are popular all across the world including Biryani.

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