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What Is Saffron?

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Saffron is the most exotic, exquisite, and, accordingly, one of the most expensive spices in this world. Saffron was once a common and essential ingredient of the cuisine of kings and emperors. Today also, the best Saffron is out of reach for economically weak people. It is because of the various culinary and medicinal properties saffron has, and it is said that it can work wonders in both the taste and looks of food and in reviving a sick and weak human body. 

Where Is Saffron Found, and How Is Saffron Produced?

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Saffron is a spice found in a flower that grows in the relatively colder regions of Asia and Europe. It is an aromatic spice. This spice is derived from the flower known as Crocus Sativus. This flower is also commonly known as Saffron Crocus. Saffron flowers are derived from the Privacy family of plants. This flower originally grows in the South Europe region. The stigma and the style of these flowers are dried to produce threads of Saffron. These threads are of vivid red or crimson color. This spice is commonly used for seasoning and gives the food a gourmet color. Saffron is grown in countries such as Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Iran, China, and the northern part of India.

How Can You Check the Best Saffron?

Since Saffron is one of the most expensive spices available by weight, one needs proper knowledge to buy the best Saffron from the market. The Saffron also needs to be original, as many fake counterparts are also flooded in the market to earn easy money. There are many tests to know which Saffron is authentic and which is a poor imitation. 

Pure and genuine Saffron is one of the most expensive spices available in the world market. It takes time and money to grow saffron flowers and pick saffron threads when they are ready. This is a delicate process and may cause loss to the farmer if it needs to be done correctly and with appropriate skill. Any wastage can lead to heavy losses, and this high price product has fallen into a fraudulent imitation scam. 

How Can You Buy the Best and Most Genuine Quality Saffron?

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You can buy the best Saffron by keeping your eyes open and knowing how to differentiate the original from the fake Saffron. When you are off to buy the best Saffron offline, See them closely. Genuine Saffron is formed in strands with diffuse ends. The bright color may be imitated, but no one can replicate the quality of the strands. 

Then you can test a strand of Saffron. Real Saffron is bitter, and it has a mildly astringent taste. Any difference in taste, you can know for sure that it is a fake. 

The strongest part of Saffron is its aroma. If you smell it, real Saffron will smell something between hay and honey. Any saffron thread without any smell is a fake, for sure. 

You can test it in water also to check its genuineness. You can put some threads of Saffron in water, and real Saffron will start coloring the water immediately. But when you remove these strands of Saffron from the water, it retains its original color. If you change the color of the strands after you take them out of the water, you can know that these saffron threads are fake. 

One ultimate test to check the originality of saffron threads is the Baking Soda test. Mix a small baking soda in a beaker half full of clear water. Then you can put the lines of Saffron into this solution of baking soda in water. If the threads of Saffron are real, the water will turn yellow. If these are fake, the water will turn red. 

Which Part of the World Produces the Best Saffron?

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The best Saffron found on this globe is from regions in Afghanistan and Iran, and these are known as Super Negin Saffron. This Saffron is extremely labor-intensive to harvest, and they have to collect only the tiny threads, and it is a very skillful and delicate job to do. There are specially trained harvesters for doing this job. 

How Can You Purchase Saffron Online?

You can also buy the best Saffron online. Best quality saffron is grown in India's Kashmir area, also known as Kesar. The threads are between 1.2 to 3.8 inches long. To have the best quality saffron, you must avoid grided or powdered Saffron. Low-quality Saffron or fake Saffron is mixed with the original in this process. You have to purchase only whole threads of Saffron after conducting all these tests to confirm their originality; then only you can be sure that you have purchased the best quality saffron. 

You have to keep certain things in mind when you buy saffron online. You must check the color of the threads. It must be rich and dark red. You also have to notice the size of the saffron threads. The original lines are long. And they are very fine in structure. You should also pay attention to its form. Please never buy powdered Saffron. Always purchase the original threads. And when you receive the delivery, do check its fragrance. Original threads of Saffron have an intense aroma in them. It never fades away. 

You can buy the best Saffron in the USA also. You can have premium super Negin quality saffron threads online in the USA. They are available in packing of 2.0, 10.0, and 5.0-gram packs. They are all carefully handpicked and properly cultivated Saffron to be added to your food dishes. It will provide you with deep and sensuous flavors, and its aroma is nowhere else to be found. No fillers, fluff, or additives are added to these saffron strands because they are free from any color, dyes, or preservatives. These are natural Super Negin threads of Saffron, each handpicked by the skillful harvester. The packings are airtight and vacuum sealed, providing you with unrivaled taste. 

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