Crab with Yaqoot saffron and mustard sauce

Crab with Yaqoot saffron and mustard sauce


1 Garlic 2 pieces

2 lemon juice

3 dijon mustard

4 extra virgin olive oil

5 pepper and salt

6 smashed saffron 15 threads

7 two small brown crabs and two large orange crabs ( brown crabs usually serves in asia and middle east )

8 butter half cup

9 parsley


Step 1 : chop the garlic into very small pieces, add olive oil , lemon juice ,mustard , salt and pepper and stir

Step 2 : boil 2 lit of salty water and add some lemon juice

Step 3 :when the water reached the boiling point, add crabs and wait for 25 minutes

Step 4 : add sauce on the crabs and then use brewed Yaqoot saffron threads on the mixture.

Step 5 : let them rest for about 15 minutes and then put them in the oven for 25 minutes.

Step 6 : serve the the crabs with mustard and saffron sauce with fresh greens .

Note : for using saffron biol one cup water and add 15 smashed threads of Yaqoot saffron and let it rest for 10 minutes . then use it for the recipes.

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