Mattia L talking about saffron and Yaqoot quality

Mattia L talking about saffron and Yaqoot quality

I've been cooking my whole life. I love to see what these hands can make. The small things you add to stuff can make significant differences. The first time I tasted saffron was at a party back in years.

The drink they served was called don saffron, and the taste of it was so unique that I still remember it. After that, I start to research and read about saffron. When you know it, believe me, it can change your lifestyle too.

The benefits, the taste, and the smell are unbelievable. Of course, saffron is not like salt and pepper to go with everything, but when you know where to use it, you would like to change your daily food routine to have it more.

Yaqoot is the purest saffron that I've seen in the u.s. I'm glad to use pure and unique spices in my kitchen, and Yaqoot helped me with the spice I like most: saffron.

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